At MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions (“MacMiller”) we make buildings work better. As the Northwest’s leading mechanical contracting firm, we design, deliver and service HVAC, plumbing and automation system solutions for commercial buildings. With our 1000 employees across 8 offices – there is a breadth and variety of work to keep you engaged and inspired.

We enjoy a well-respected history of exceeding our customers’ expectations and executing with distinction. Our clients trust their toughest projects with our integrated teams, including:

  • New construction – From an architectural 3D model to a completed 40 story urban building that is on time and on budget
  • Special projects - Updates/remodeling for existing commercial buildings for new efficiencies
  • Service - On demand and scheduled maintenance ensuring tenant comfort
  • Building performance - Control systems and automation for energy improvement and

minimal surprises

People love to work at MacDonald-Miller – that’s a F.A.C.T.:

  • Family – Belong to something, be known and know others have your back. You are supported, respected and will have fun going to work. You are trusted to collaborate on big jobs and empowered to own it. We are recognized as a Best Places to Work and believe people work for people, not companies. People stick around for a reason as it’s more than a job.
  • Authentic - You are respected and trusted with information ranging from monthly company financials to team metrics. You will be engaged with authentic and honest conversations on how to fix problems, not placing blame. Our environment is a safe place to share ideas, ask questions, and know that you are heard and contributing value to the team.
  • Customer Focused – We empower our employees to make decisions that correspond with our Customer Commitment. It’s not just about the bottom line, we do the right thing for our customers to build trusted partnerships and prove that we’re in this for the long haul. We value humility – It makes no difference how great we think we are. It’s how great they think we are.
  • Transformative - You will be inspired and learn as we invest in new technologies and business processes. From real-time job site video capture (MacLens), using iPads vs. paper, 3D modeling, pre-fab strategies, and leveraging sensors to detect problems before they happen – you will be on the cutting edge and continuously learning (MacTED).

Project Engineer: This is where you come in.

The Project Engineer (PE) will provide our Project Management team with business and administrative support to facilitate planning and coordinating activities for designated projects. PE’s work at the construction job site daily and help ensure that the goals and objectives of each project are met on time and on budget. In return for hard work and achieving aggressive goals, you’ll get rewarded with more to own, a ton of growth opportunities, and more freedom than you’ve probably ever had.

Top 3 things to deliver in the first year to be a hero:

  • 1) Quality attention to detail – take pride in your work and accept a level of responsibility for your professionalism and accuracy.
  • 2) Motivation and drive – We live in a deadline driven environment, the work you do impacts a chain of others. Show your drive by meeting deadlines, responding to requests within 24 hours, and being proactive in offering support.
  • 3) Accountability– your word is your truth, follow through with commitments and manage your responsibilities without needing to be reminded.

This Project Engineer role is supported and guided by Mike Boosalis/ Project Manager on a collaborative team working on a variety of projects and initiatives to support our growing business. This highly visible role interacts with all levels and functions within the organization.

Your Background: What kind of person will thrive in this role?

You should have…

  • A Bachelor of Science degree in either construction management, mechanical engineering or other education and/or experience by which a reasonable understanding of HVAC and plumbing systems has been gained.
  • Ability to read architectural, structural and mechanical plan and be familiar with a variety of HVAC systems and terminology.
  • Expertise leveraging Microsoft Office products, internal resources and processes.

And everyone you work with should describe you as…

  • incredibly strong work ethic
  • very adaptable
  • passionate and positive/can do
  • strong communicator
  • goal/results oriented

And you should be motivated by…

  • Making a positive impact: On the project, on your team, and on the customer.
  • Empowering yourself to learn how to do something. If you need a ton of handholding or a micro-manager boss, this is not the place for you.
  • Working in a lean, results-oriented environment, where you’ll be expected to do more, take on more, and achieve more every year.
  • Having fun in an environment high on transparency, open to innovative new approaches with a supportive family feel.

Where you will work

On-site of the various projects around Portland including the Downtown corridor, in the heart of the city buzzing with indie boutiques and a creative dining scene ranging from eclectic food trucks to high-end seafood bistros. Our Portland Office will be a touch down spot for you as well, 5 minutes from the Portland Airport and Cascade Station.

Interested to learn more?

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